General Enquiries

What type of glasses do I need?

Can I order just the frame?

What do I need to be able to order prescription glasses?

Can I use my Contact Lens prescription to order glasses?

Ordering Online

What do I need to buy glasses online?

Ordering Glasses with Prescription Lenses

Prescription Questions

How do I send my prescription?

What is PD?

Do I need to know my PD to order online?

Can I measure my PD myself?

Measuring your PD

Frames and Lenses

Can I buy non-prescription Reading glasses?

Do you sell titanium frames?


What payment methods do you accept?

I am buying from outside the UK. Will I pay a foreign currency fee and/or be charged pounds to pay for my order?

Are your payments page secure?

Shipping and Delivery

Do you ship internationally?

Do you provide a tracking number?


What if I want to return my glasses?